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Hey there, and welcome to FeelThePowerPVP Minecraft Server.
Here you can find everything to do with our server, this includes:

In PvP, you can use /kit to PvP your friends as often as you want. Even with cooldowns, normal Diamond Armour will still get you PvP'ing with others in the server. (Normal Diamond Armour can be found with /kit Starter). Also, we have PvP Donator Ranks that you can purchase at our BuyCraft store. These Ranks have really cool perks including /heal /feed /warp Donators /warp God ect. So, see you in PvP!!

Survival, you gather resources, and go kill/raid your friends. Here also you can just mine away with /kit Miner/Miner+ (These are also allowed in PvP Mines) and attack/destroy your friends with really OP armour and tools. So enjoy your way through the Survival Portal (Located at spawn) and enjoy!

PvP Mines:
In the mines you can mine for extra stuff and more like Diamond and Gold ect. But, if you purchase God Rank, you have your mine with Emeralds to mine and sell for lots more money, so then you can buy lots of gear at the shop. You will be rich here. Also, you get access to kits like /kit Miner/Miner+ to mine your way through faster with a pickaxe with Efficiency IV to mine with. So come along and mine in PvP Mines!

At Parkour, you get jump to jump wioth exciting items to be won in the villagers there. There are 6 levels. No.1, not so hard, you get Potions from the villagers up at the top, and kinda of the same going up to 2,3,4 ect.
So enjoy Parkour and win those prizes!

Also, in FeelThePower server there is alot more stuff to do!
So come along and join in...

Protom1234 (Owner)
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